Dating Guru- Whitney Wolfe

The first question one should ask themselves before dating is “Am I ready for love”? Then one can go ahead and look for love. There are so many ways one can find a lover or a relationship partner one being meeting physically and the other one is searching on dating sites or installation of a dating app in their electronic devices. With The advancement of technology single men and women prefer dating apps over dating sites due to various reasons.

Bumble is one of the dating apps that has gained popularity and has been expanding over the years. There are various reasons why singles are going for Bumble dating app over any other dating app. Bumble has various advantages including
Advantages of Bumble Dating App.
• Fast and more efficient: Bumble app is much quick and easier to work with and also to use.
• Efficiency: for those working from home bumble provides a platform to be able to meet people and date.
• Shows the user mutual friends: unlike dating site, bumble dating app shows the user their mutual friends.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble dating app. Bumble dating app is described by many as a feminist dating app. An app that was established less than two years ago has become one of the favorite apps to women. Whitney Wolf created the app with its Headquarters in Austin. She has been working continuously together with his staff to make bumble one of the best dating apps in the world.

Whitney Wolfe can be described as an ambitious woman one who does not rest until she gets want she desires in life. Her dating app was born in the kitchen counter. A lady who was born in Salt Lake prides herself in creating something g is out of question and beneficial to singles especially women. Wolf attended both Jewish and Catholic schools. Whitney Wolf began her career at Hatch Labs before starting her business the dating app. She is very positive and determined to expand Bumble.