A Day in the Life of Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

Who is Doe Deere?

Doe Deere is the CEO/Founder/Owner Lime Crime.



What is Lime Crime?

Lime Crime is a makeup company based out of Los Angeles, California. They provide 100% vegan makeup products. Lime Crime is also certified by The Leaping Bunny Program, as well as PETA.


Lime Crime portrays a very bright and off the cuff presence both online and digitally. They are not afraid to “shake things up” and create new, bold and exciting products. Their trademark twist is, “Beauty with a touch of rebellion, pretty with a touch of grunge.”


Lime Crime is 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free. They do not test their products on animals and also certify that every one of their products is absolutely 100% vegan.


What is vegan makeup?

Makeup that does not include animal byproducts or animal ingredients, such as wey, lanolin, carmine, and beeswax.

What is cruelty free makeup?

Makeup products and ingredients that are not tested on animals.




What is a typical day like for Doe Deere?


The self-proclaimed, rebel at heart, enjoys waking up using her internal alarm clock at around 8:30 a.m. with approximately 9 hours of sleep. Deere loves being a morning person. She starts her day very relaxed with appreciating her surroundings and spending time with her two Persian cats, Chester von Battingham & Puffy Fluffles.


Also in her routine is hydration! She states that living in Los Angeles, staying hydrated is key. In addition, Deere makes sure to stretch in her mornings as well. Stretching has wide-known benefits for the heart, and Deere thoroughly enjoys this part of her routine. She states her favorite stretches are the “cat” or the “camel” stretch.


Then, Doe makes breakfast and continues to bond with Chester & Fluffy. Following that… off to the office!


In this order, Doe Deere:

Checks the calendar on her phone which she lives by.

Chats (via an internal app) with her team on the way to the office.

Listens to music (currently the Beatles).

And emails throughout the day.


At noon, Doe Deere arrives at the office, eats lunch, socializes with her team, and has meetings throughout the day. Deere usually “clocks out” around 6:00 pm, but has been known to stay until midnight if she felt she was, “on a roll.”



Hair & Makeup Routines



Hair Routine:

Wash at night.

Style in morning.

Wear it down.

Curling wand for signature, shiny waves.



Makeup Routine:

Glossier face wash.

Moisturizer. (Murad ‘Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence’)

Foundation. (L’Oreal’s ‘True Match Foundation’ or MAC’s ‘Studio Fix’)

Set makeup with powder.

Fill in brows.




Favorites: Blush & Lipstick

-Pink or Red Colored Blush.

-Bold Pink or Red Lip.



Lime Crime ‘Matte Velvetine’ Line:


  • Rustic
  • Red Velvet
  • Pink Velvet


Visit http://www.doedeere.com/ to learn more.


The Innovative Entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman

The Innovative Entrepreneur, Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a hardworking successful entrepreneur who is now the Chief Executive officer and co-founder of Launch Pad Holdings. He acquired his entrepreneurial skills from his studies whereby, he graduated from University of Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Chicago. Furthermore, he has been a mentor and an inspiration to startup businesses and has received several awards on Company leadership.

As a businessperson, Glen Wakeman has worked in many countries at different companies that have greatly improved his skills. The businesses he has worked for have been known to rise to many profits and their employees have acquired entrepreneurial skills, through training and talks from Glen Wakeman. He has a passion as a writer and blogger where, he shares his investment ideas and help people understand the world of business. Social media has helped him also to meet his friends whom he had lost contacts with who have turned out to be of help him with his funding and therefore helping him in his businesses success, growth and development.

Over the years, he has gained international executive recognition for his leadership, innovation and risk management skills. Having worked for long, he decided to form a simple software platform where, people could develop their ideas to plan so that their businesses could thrive, thus developing the Launch Pad Holdings (BusinessWire). He and his partner start the day by reviewing previous day activities before starting up a new one. Moreover, they look into the market trend so that they are able to meet customer needs therefore, living up to the market competition.

In conclusion, Glen Wakeman’s sense of curiosity has helped him develop in the competitive world. It has helped him see through innovative ideas important for customer satisfaction and solve emerging problems in the modern technology. In addition, his first job as a bathroom cleaner in a factory helped him appreciate each job and gain respect for every employee hence developing dignity for every opportunity.

Check out Glen Wakeman on https://www.facebook.com/glen.wakeman



Beneful Grain Free

Beneful Grain Free dog food is a simple nutritious dog food that has no corn, wheat or gluten. Perfect for dogs with sensitivities. It is a healthy, simple recipe that has 100% nutrition sources for your dogs and puppies. Chicken is always the first ingredient in the Beneful Grain Free dog food. It has wholesome ingredients such as blueberries, pumpkins, and spinach. The all natural great tasting ingredients are healthy for dogs. When looking for weight loss in dogs Beneful Healthy weight is a good choice. It has fewer calories than the other choices. There is positive results linked to Beneful Healthy weight dog food for weight loss. Where as Grain free would be a good choice for dogs with allergies and sensitivities and more information click here.

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Richard Blair Serves Many Clients Through Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has been a proponent of retirement tactics for many years, and he has helped his clients retire well in a number of ways. This article explains how Richard and his staff are creating better retirement plans for everyone. Someone who wishes to learn how to retire well may contact Richard today.


#1: Retiring On Stocks


Retiring on stocks is the most common way to invest, and Richard has unique ideas about how his clients may save their money by simply investing in new ways. He knows that his company will help his clients find the proper stocks to invest in, and they wills earch for funds that may be built to the standards that the client needs. Someone who is comfortable in stocks will be happy to use this service to avoid searching on their own. Learn more: http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/


#2: Real Estate


Investing in real estate is often the best choice for everyone simply because it will create profits from minor investments. There are many people who will be intrigued to invest in new properties, and they may rent their homes if they so choose. Someone who is out of town for a large part of the year may rent their home when they are not there, and they may rent their summer home to vacationers when they are not on their own holidays. This is a simple and painless way for customers to earn extra money through Richard’s office. Learn more: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2016/05/26/investment-strategy-with-richard-blair/


#3: The Company Ensures Retirement Dates


Richard wishes to help all his clients choose a retirement date that they may plan on for the future. Their date may be changed at any time, and Richard will ensure that they may pull out their money when they are ready. This is an important aspect of the retirement process that many people forget because they are not ready to pull money out the moment they need new income.


#4: Richard’s Customer Service


Richard is happy to meet with anyone about their retirement at any time. He wants his clients to learn something new that will help them make changes to their life and investments. Each change they make will be made with the utmost care by Richard and his staff. Learn more: http://ianjenkins.net/richard-blair-and-wealth-solutions-that-work/

Richard Blair has done marvelous work ensuring that all his clients at Wealth Solutions are retiring well. They are given every chance to earn the money they need to live well after they stop working.


Capital Group Stands Strong in the Middle of an Economic Storm

American investment guru Warren Buffett has made a risky $1 million wager, claiming he can make stronger investment returns than hedge fund managers by just investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. The bet will be decided this year and in a surprise to many, Warren Buffett will collect and more information click here.

Warren Buffett strongly favors low cost and simple investments that are bought and held for long lengths of time. Warren Buffet favors and defends “bottom-up” investing, which analyzes companies and builds a strong portfolio. Warren Buffett has also continued to encourage Americans to save even more for retirement and to start investing and stay invested. Warren Buffett has found a way to find strong fund managers and that is separate the fund managers with low expenses and high manager ownership.

Warren Buffett recently sent a letter to shareholders where he shot down the “active versus passive” debate, saying it does not help investors. Capital Group CEO Tim Armour believes that mutual funds only result in mediocre or poor long-term returns, because of high management costs and excessive trading. Tim Armour believes low costs to good returns and “active versus passive” has nothing to do with delivering positive investment returns.

Timothy Armour is the current chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group and also serves as chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc which is part of Capital Group. Tim Armour has accumulated more than 34 years of investment experience, all with Capital Group. He was also an equity investment analyst with Capital, where he covered global telecommunications and American service companies and Tim on Facebook.

Tim Armour started his career with Capital Group as a participant in the Associates Program. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He has been featured in several business magazines including Forbes and Financial Times. In 2015, The Capital Group was appointed Chairman of Capital Group. As chairman Tim Armour has promised to continue the successful strategies that have been put in place at Capital Group by his predecessors. Tim Armour replaces the late Chairman, Jim Rothenberg and learn more about Tim.

More visit: https://www.ft.com/content/28953b12-dccb-11e6-86ac-f253db7791c6