Paul Mampilly, The stock expert Who Enlightens Willing Investors

Paul is a business guru who has taken time to study and specialize in the stock market. He offers his outstanding skills and knowledge to anyone willing to take up the stock exchange business. Paul Mampilly has managed huge amounts of hedge funds which have won him different awards on a national and international level. The most outstanding one he has received thus far is the Templeton Foundation award. Paul has featured on various TV stations including the Bloomberg TV where he offers his advice on market investments.

Paul moved from India as a young boy and now currently holds close to 3 decades of experience in investment management. Paul has managed accounts worth thousands of dollars at the Deutsche Bank and the Royal Bank. This was at the beginning of his career. Paul Mampilly became a renowned figure in the industry and Kinetics International Fund soon discovered him. They hired him and under his leadership, they managed a hedge fund worth six billion dollars.

Paul invested in a company that was focused on developing a drug for muscular dystrophy in 2012. Soon after the company had grown enormously and Paul managed to sell his shares with a profit above the two thousand percent mark. He also used the same strategy for Netflix. With his success stories, he has subscribers who feed on the advice he has to offer in stock acquisition and selling. He pinpoints various companies worth investing in and the timelines that would work best when it comes to selling for maximum returns. Paul retired in his early 40s to maximize his time with his family. He also takes time to advise and give tips to the citizens of America on investments in stocks.

Paul Mampilly began Profits Unlimited with the aim of educating the normal citizens on investments instead of just making more money for the rich. Profits Unlimited is an investment based newsletter that advises people on investment opportunities and timings. Paul felt the need to educate other citizens interested in investing through his long-term earned skills. He uses simple steps and guidelines to ensure his readers get the maximum out of his tips.