Stream Energy Has Hurricane Harvey Victims at Heart

Hurricane Harvey wrecked people’s lives along the Texas coast in the last week of August. Not only did it leave people in difficult situations, but it also complicated recovery efforts due to floods. Dumping more than two feet of rain in just a few days, the storm left humanitarian agencies and local authorities struggling to put things together in a bid to provide essentials to many people.


Aware of the dire situation faced by the victims of the Hurricane, Stream Energy made a quick decision to join the recovery efforts. The company announced a raft of measures that it was taking to ensure it made a sound contribution to enhancing humanitarian relief (TechNewsSpy). Stream Energy announced a donation of twenty-five thousand dollars to the American Red Cross Society. Red Cross, being one of the best-positioned institutions when it comes to disaster response, looks up to companies like Stream Energy to meet its financial needs.


Additionally, Stream Energy pledged to support 127,000 customers by waiving late fees on all energy invoices generated between August 29 and September 5 ( The company’s direct sales team is also coming together to assist their peers caught up in the storm. A crowdfunding campaign was also launched to assist independent associates in the region. To that end, Stream Energy has promised to match donations to the tune of 25000 dollars.


Stream Energy is an extremely innovative energy service provider that has seen its value rise astronomically in just a decade. In a crowded and highly competitive industry, Stream Energy adopted a creative strategy they termed as selling energy products by word of mouth. The strategy has since worked miracles because 12 years later it is now valued at more than 8 billion dollars.


Continuing in its innovative trend, Stream Energy has recently become on the few companies offering its customers an option to buy energy from renewable sources. The company intends to lead the pack in shifting to environment-friendly energy sources in a bid to ensure a cleaner and safer planet. To this end, Stream Energy launched its landmark plan known as the Smart 30 WaterSaver Green & Clean Plan. The plan will allow customers to buy 100% power from renewable sources.

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