How Richard Blair Adapts To Changing Market Conditions

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a financial advisor in the Austin, Texas, area. He is a graduate of the University of Houston and has a degree in financial management. After working for another firm for a short period of time he founded his own company called Wealth Solutions. His company is a registered investment advisory firm and its office is in Bee Cave. He has earned several financial designations such as Certified Tax Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist, and Certified Annuity Specialist among others.

At Wealth Solutions, Richard Blair says that he follows a plan in order to help each of his clients. His belief is that each of his clients needs a plan in order to reach their financial goals, whether that is retirement or other reasons. The first step he takes with each of his clients is to learn about them. In order to truly help someone a financial advisor needs to learn about the entirety of their current financial situation and what they will need for retirement, he says. As each client has different needs and different appetites for taking risk he says that each one needs an individualized financial plan created for them.

After learning about his new client, Richard Blair uses this information to build a long-term strategy for them. He makes sure that their long-term investment goals are outlined while also making sure that they have enough liquidity in order to meet short-term needs. He will reallocate his client’s funds when they stray from the financial plan he created. When markets are down he also works to reduce how much his client’s portfolios fall.

Richard Blair can also help his clients with their insurance needs. For some this includes annuities, life insurance, and sometimes long-term care needs to be addressed. Most of his clients are high net worth individuals, often by owning a successful small business. As a full-service firm, he also makes sure his clients are educated about investing. To achieve this he sends out regular communication to them about different financial topics. Clients can choose to receive these on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

As financial markets change on a regular basis Richard Blair believes that financial strategies also need to adapt to current and future conditions in the markets. The plans he creates for his clients are thusly dynamic. However, he also makes sure they are sufficiently conservative, especially for those who are in retirement.


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Securus Technologies Integrates Inmates Back Into Society

Securus Technologies is a social entrepreneurship corporation that is located in Dallas, Texas. Having started their business in the late 1980s, Securus Technologies has expanded their influence from coast-to-coast with regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia and throughout the western coast.


Securus Technologies has made it their mission while on earth to help inmates stay safe while they are in the correctional facility and the help them become productive citizens once they leave.


Securus Technologies helps correctional facilities become safer by targeting the inmate’s favorite tool to plan attacks against one another, the contraband cell phone. Securus Technologies has produced two products that make it exceedingly difficult to use contraband cell phones to plot crime. The first product is what is called Cell Defender. This product is capable of locating a contraband cell phone within the walls of the prison. Once a cell phone is located, Wireless Containment Solutions kicks in. From here the user of both products can search the phone for its messages and phone calls and disable its Wi-Fi.


Securus Technologies also helps inmates during their difficult time of transitioning from prison to society.


Securus Technologies helps inmates transition by keeping them in contact with their families while they were serving their time. This is done by installing video computer equipment in the visitation room so that inmates can communicate with their loved ones who cannot make the trip to see them.


They also provide computer equipment to correctional facilities which allow the inmate to take accredited online college courses in skill-based jobs. This certifies them so that they can work with a degree once they leave prison.


Lastly, Securus Technologies provides a database of companies that routinely hire inmates upon their departure. This allows them to secure a job so they can take care of themselves.