Jeremy Goldstein helping companies with better stock options

As Americans cannot forsee the future when it comes to the economy, U.S. employers are leaning towards getting rid of stock options. Part of the reason for their decision is to save money. There is a lot of expenses tied to offering stock options. Many have pointed out three concerns, which employers have noticed in making their decision to eliminate the benefit.


With stock options, the price and value can rise and fall significantly, causing employees the opportunity to use their options. No matter what employees have to do, the companies are forced to report expenses, leaving current stockholders dealing with stock option overhang. This kind of benefit is leaving employees worried because they know that the value is tied to how the economy reacts. Employees see this type of payment as being at a casino. The costs are often more than the financial advantage that these benefits offer.


While employers see options as a risky gamble, there are some positives, when it comes to offering stock options. Stock options are favored by employees because they are easy to understand. Employees prefer them over bonuses or more insurance. Since the options are tied to the company’s value, employees now have a strong reason to increase the company’s profits by engaging new clients and working even harder for current clients.


As employers continue to decide whether to continue offering stock options, corporate lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is informing businesses about knockout options. Knockout options have the same limits as the other stock options but employees are not financially tied down to the options. When stock value falls under a predetermined amount, the employees will lose the options. Goldstein encourages employees to improve the company’s value.


Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate lawyer, specializing in corporate governance and executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein has been a key player in several corporate transactions including Verizon, AT&T and Chevron. He is based in New York and continues to help those seeking financial assistance.


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