Des Perez, a force to recon with in the music and entertainment industry

No industry has proved quite a challenging sector to work in such as the ever evolving global music and entertainment scene. With revenues generation estimates reaching $17.2 billion dollars in the year 2016 alone it is one of the most lucrative sectors that one could work in. The high revenue generated can at times hide the real fact that the industry itself is highly competitive with few who venture into it actually make it big and more information click here.

The high competitive spirit experienced in the industry requires a lot f hard work and dedication for one to make their story one of success. Des Perez is a true testimony to of a strong and hard working woman who has indeed earned her rightful share in this very competitive industry. Her name has over the years nearly became synonymous with some of the most celebrates names in the industry such as Jay-Z and Rihanna. This is because no one can mention the names of these big stars without the name of Des Perez without appearing in that conversation.

For over two decades now Des Perez has tirelessly worked alongside Jay-Z (Carter) in pursuit of expanding their business portfolio in the very lucrative industry. With Jay-Z’s very successful business empire that incorporates a variety of business entities, Des Perez is a part of it all with her main purpose being the optimization of the empires profits and resume her.

With an eye for good business opportunities, she has helped negotiate many deals when working with singer and song writer Rihanna. Through her, the star singer signed a $ 25 million deal with Samsung making her a very influential person within Rihanna’s inner circle and Des Perez’s lacrosse camp .

In addition to all this in 2008, she had seen Roc Nation enter one of its biggest business deal that was worth $150 million dollars with Live Nation. After the deal has run its due course Jay-Z announced its extension for ten more years.

To cap this one would say that it is through the good business skills, confidence and hard work that has helped shaped the success story of Jay-Z’s business empire and learn more about Des Perez.