Doe Deere – article recap

Sometimes her hair is fluorescent purple and then again, at others, it’s hot pink. She’s known among fans as the “Queen of Unicorns” and she revels in the opportunity for being able to share her main passion with others and they include a major love for makeup as well as rainbows. This is definitely a young woman who has made her dreams come true and she loves to share her story with other entrepreneurial spirits. Her dreams of bringing colorful and amazing makeup and hair products to women from all walks of life is now a reality. Her success story is a real inspiration to women worldwide with her company, Lime Crime.


Worldwide Recognition

Lime Crime is a new and innovative makeup company that has gained worldwide recognition for its colorful beauty products. Doe Deere and her company have become serious trendsetters when it comes to bright colors in the areas of eyeshadows, hair coloring, highlighters, and so much more. Their newest releases, which include metallics and a wildly popular unicorn line, are turning the world of beauty on its end.



One of the best things about Lime Crime’s colorful product line is the fact that every item is 100 percent vegan-friendly. This is a significant factor in today’s beauty world. And, Doe Deere’s monumental decision to make her product line revolve around some pretty intense colors was a pretty bold move that has been met with overwhelming approval among beauty product users. From fashion runways to corner drugstores, they’re becoming more popular every single day.


More Color To Come

It seems the public wants a lot more of the colorful products that Lime Crime has to offer. Like everyone else, we just can’t wait to see what new colors and colorful innovations Ms. Doe will come up with next. Will it be more new colors for the hair or new eyeshadows to wow at every turn? Either way, they’re sure to be amazing and a big part of just another Lime Crime success story brought to you by the lovely and very colorful Doe Deere. Learn more: