Eco-conscious Travel Destinations

Make sure to consider an ecologically friendly adventure before booking your next getaway ( While there are no worldwide standards for eco-conscious companies to follow, the best employ local residents, minimize damage to natural ecosystems and protect wildlife. Most are located in beautiful locations with amazing things to do. Consider these sustainable options for your next getaway. Learn more:


Pridelands in South Africa


One of the very few sustainable African safari options in South Africa is Pridelands owned by WildArk. This new safari option is located in a former hunting camp. Hear hyenas howl as you relax by the campfire at night or watch leopards stalk their prey as you explore this scenic wonderland. Not only will you be helping to protect the animals already living there, but you will be helping raise funds so that they can encourage other animals including Africa’s Big Five to live there.


Compass Cay in the Bahamas


Grab your snorkeling gear before heading to Compass Cay in the Bahamas. Swim with nurse sharks up to 10 feet long and weighing up to 330 pounds. Relax in the natural lagoon while the warm water bubbles up all around you. Climb the Compass Peek path allowing you to see all the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The nearby water is the perfect spot for fishing for dolphins, snappers and groupers.


Channel Islands in United States


Called America’s own Galapagos, the eight islands making up the Channel Islands are the perfect place to relax along the Pacific Ocean. Santa Cruz is the largest of the islands offering many things to do. Consider hiking through the Scorpion Valley or through the Montañon mountain area. Learn more about the area by going on a guided hike with an expert. Pack a picnic and enjoy it near the ranch or along the coast.


Scorpion Rock is a favorite home to bird species seen in very few other places. Learn more:

Regardless of where you decide to roam, make sure to consider the impact that your travel is having on the environment. Thousands of tourists tramping through an area can leave an area damaged forever. Instead, consider choosing between these environmentally-friendly travel adventures.