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B2601 Wheel spacers. where do i get them? what.

17/09/38 · I have a bit different perspective: 1 I have no idea why you would not use both wheel spacers and filled rear tires. Whatever that is needs explanation to be credible. 2 Kubota has never recognized the portion of their user base that sometimes needs to operate on steep ground. Bro-Tek wheel spacers have a proven design mated with high quality materials and craftsmanship. Our spacers are made from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum with grade 10.9 stud/nuts. They are all one piece, milled spacers with a hub flange that carries the weight of the tractor.

25/02/41 · Today, I install the wheel spacer kit on my B2601 compact tractor. Spend some time with me here at the cottage, as I install the wheel spacers on the tractor to get winter-ready, on my outdoor. 13/07/41 · My son and I install wheel spacers on my tractor. SORRY ITS IN AND OUT OF FOCUS. I wasn't going to upload but I had request to do it.

17/12/38 · BX25D Tipover Challenge: Stock vs Wheel Weights vs Spacers O&D Life. 212 kubota B2601 compact tractor B8786 Wheel Spacer Installation B series tractor outdoor channel. Kubota BX 2380. 12/03/40 · Installing 3" Bro-Tek Wheel Spacers on my Kubota B2301 Compact Tractor. Some tractors are inherently unstable when operating on hilly terrain running sideways along the fall line, especially with.

Motorsport Tech is your absolute number one source for wheel adapters, wheel spacers, and hub centric rings. We manufacture the finest adapters in the world, and we do wheel polishing, chroming, powder coating, and color matching, as well as sell wheels and tires at WHOLESALE PRICES. Browse Kubota Wheel Spacers for sale this week. Our site focuses on a big selection at a range of pricing. Our site focuses on a big selection at a range of pricing. Buy your Kubota Wheel Spacers. 23/04/38 · Kubota recommends wheel spacers about 1.5 inches for the 2650. You would be in uncharted territory with 3". Could be fine, but no telling what the safety margin for those parts is. There have been folks running 3 " wheel spacers, but not sure the models or what they were using them for that might stress the axle.

Kubota Bro-Tek Wheel Spacer Install - YouTube.

14/08/39 · I'm running into an issue with some wheel spacers and their fit. I've received two sets of spacers from Bro-Tek that don't fit. It has both myself and the guys at Bro-Tek stumped. We are wondering if maybe Kubota changed wheel's for the 2601 near the end of last year. I have R4 tires. The Tracks Company is your "one-stop" source for custom made Hub Extensions and Wheel Spacers for Compact Tractors and Utility Vehicles such as the Kubota RTV, the Kubota BX, B, L, and M Series of Compact Tractors, the John Deere Gator, HPX, and XUV Utility Vehicles, Compact Tractors from John Deere, Yanmar, Massey Ferguson, International. 20/06/39 · I put 2 sets of 2" spacers on my JD and got them Skid Steer Solutions if I recall correctly. Took the wheel off carefully so you don't drop it if it is filled. Bolt on to hub using bolts with the spacers and put wheels on. Best with two people in case the tractor has to be raised a little bit to get wheels.

21/03/41 · 212 kubota B2601 compact tractor B8786 Wheel Spacer Installation B series tractor outdoor channel. Adding Wheel Spacers To Kubota BX Series Tractors For Extra Stability. - Duration: 5:17. B01 Series. Outfitted with a powerful Kubota diesel engine and 3-range HST or gear-drive transmission options, this compact tractor is stocked full of features like the drive-over mid-mount mower, powerful Category I three-point hitch, expansive operator platform with convenient 12V socket and much more! Shop a lot of kubota wheel spacers available for sale online. This site focuses on a curated group of items available for sale at reasonable prices. Find Kubota Wheel Spacers. Kubota B2601 4.00 Front And Rear Whee Spacers Kit By Bora - Made In The Usa Buy Now. Kubota B - $630.00 Kubota B 2650 3.50 Wheel Spacers 4 By Bora Off Road. 20/09/38 · Kubota; Kubota Owning/Operating; B2601 Wheel spacers. where do i get them? what model number? also how wide? Page 2 of 3 First 1 2 3 Last. Jump to page: Results 11 to 20 of 25. I bought 2 1/2" wheel spacers for my B2601 from an outfit called Motorsport-Tec two years ago. Made a night and day difference mowing hills and ditches with the.

Created with Sketch. Toggle menu. 800-596-0785. Kubota B2601 tractor overview. ©2000-2019 - TractorData™. Notice: Every attempt is made to ensure the data listed is accurate. 05/03/39 · The B2601 has enough clearance for rear chains but is lacking a lot of things the B2650 has. Mostly fel lift capacity. The B2650 has wheel spacer kits as an option that will solve the problem but Kubota says the spacers are not compatible with a mmm deck. I could remove the mower deck and add the spacers in the winter. Your online source for UTV parts and accessories. We offer great products at a fair price and personal customer service. 800-596-0785.

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